My Questions for Community Q&A (SWTOR)

My post for this week’s community Q&A:

1. When are server mergers/transfers going to be available and how will Legacy affect that? Would you consider making Legacy unlocks on an account-wide basis but the name must be gained on each server by at least one character?

I know a lot of people who want to reroll to join us but who are stuck with 40+ Legacy on another server they can’t just give up. They shouldn’t have to give it up.

2. Now that you’ve had a look at mirror class parity is there any consideration going to be given to healing class parity?

As it stands, Trooper/BH healing is by far subpar to the other two healer types due to lack of hots, the ammo problem for Trooper specifically, and lack of survivability/utility in PVP compared to the other healer types. It’s slightly subpar in PVE due to the ammo problems, as well.

3. What happened to dual spec?

I need to be a healer for my guild in FP/Ops but as healing now stands need to be DPS to gain character advancement in pvp. 90% of my time is in pvp is solely making Sages and Scoundrels look even better through 5% kolto bomb boost and not getting votes or medals because Trooper healing is so easily shut down.

4. Will we have Purple and Violet Twi’lek on unlocking Twi’lek race? 😉

Leaving SWTOR due to class balance problems

Sent to customer support:

After playing a healing Commando at level 50 I now have real feedback on class balance.

The ammo problem makes it the weakest healer for PVE and causes real problems in PVP compared to the mirror class. The lack of HOTS, stuns, or absorbs makes it by far the weakest in PVP.

Other healing classes can stay up much longer while being focused, and having heavy armor does nothing when enemies do absurd amounts of damage that can kill anything at all in 3-4 hits even while you’re healing yourself.

In warzones, I spend the entire time stunned, dead, or out of ammo. In the gear I have now, when not focused I do about 249k in heals at max, but when attacked I can’t even get the 75k medal. Sages do 140k easily while being attacked, and Scoundrels have a lot of options for staying alive in bad situations. That’s a huge reduction in character advancement compared to other healing classes. You don’t get medals, you don’t contribute enough to get mvp votes and you’re just killed over and over without any chance to do anything about it.

My character spent her entire time leveling as the Hero of the Galaxy, taking down bosses, and now suddenly it’s obvious the class is just terrible and there’s nothing that I can do to make her viable.

Every Commando healer I know has respecced to DPS or is telling me to respec to DPS if I want to keep the character.

I feel like deleting my character, the one I’ve worked hardest on, because to respec to DPS would completely abandon not only the entire character concept but her role in the guild, and the guild concept.

Then on top of all that, I hear that our kolto bomb aoe heal is actually going to be nerfed in 1.2, not buffed with a heal over time added to it like the similar aoe heal for Sage/Sorc.

I can’t believe how horribly awful this tree is to play, and I wonder why you even bother to have a healing tree for Trooper if it’s just going to be this bad.

It’s for this reason I’ve decided to not renew my subscription, despite running a guild and a fansite for the game.

Prior to this I’d canceled the sub over the Empire favoritism in pvp, however that is slated to be fixed in 1.2. However if I don’t vote on this balance issue with my money and time, it’s just whining. I’d be happy to return if the issues are fixed.

Expected a company of Bioware’s calibre to do better.

I keep saying that.

Unprofessional Faction Imbalance (SWTOR)

Since the patch that “rebalanced” surge I’m noticing the Empire does 1.5-2x as much damage as the Republic and have lost 99% of the games where before it was balanced and fun gameplay without knowing that one side would win and one side would simply lose over and over. I’m wondering if it’s yet another design factor that simply hands victory over to the more populated side – the side that your employees wanted to play. Considering the entire list of “design features” that favor the Empire over the Republic it looks like sabotage by sociopaths on your team who desired faceroll mechanics in order to boost their ego instead of fun and engaging gameplay. This is completely unprofessional behaviour and I hope the people responsible are fired. I loved this game but will be cancelling my sub (that I signed up for 3 whole months on that are now useless) because unbalanced pvp is simply unprofessional and not fun.

My Empire characters are more fun to play but I wanted to be a Jedi since I was 5 years old and the first movie came out. You’ve broken my heart with this unprofessional bullshit.

I would like a refund for the remaining game time on my account.

Level 14 PvP Weapons (SWTOR)

EDIT AS OF GAME UPDATE 1.2: These now cost 900 warzone commendations each and are completely out of reach to any at-level player – to the point that I wonder why they’re still in the game. It’s better to grind out Dromund Kaas commendations and buy your moddable weapon from the vendor at the spaceport or on the fleet.

This has some decent stats for the level if you can’t afford a good cybertech or if, like me, you prefer to pvp up to Sprint then go get your ship. It costs 580 commendations for the level 14 weapon, which is a ridiculous price since it’s the same price for later weapons. Also ridiculous is that the classes which need to buy two of the same weapon don’t get a discount.

If you prefer to use your first orange moddable weapon you can rip out the mods from the pvp weapons and put it in yours. You can also equip your companion with these weapons, or at least the mods from them. Be sure to check what weapon your companion uses and what stats they need. Don’t be like me and hunt for a blaster pistol that has cunning on it on Empire side. Ooops.


Agent Operative – P-301 Assault Disruptor (Blaster Rifle)
Agent Sniper
– V-311 Rotary Sniper (Sniper Rifle)
Bounty Hunter Mercenary – Haywire Hunter’s Blaster (x2)
Bounty Hunter Powertech
– Haywire Hunter’s Blaster
Sith Assassin
– Dark Zealot’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber
Sith Sorceror – Prospective Sith’s Lightsaber
Sith Warrior – Blade Savant’s Lightsaber


Jedi Sage – Forceweaver’s Lightsaber
Jedi Shadow – Jedi Promulgator’s Lightstaff
Jedi Guardian – Saber Initiate’s Lightsaber
Jedi Sentinel
– Saber Initiate’s Lightsaber (x2)
Trooper Commando
– Turrethead Assault Cannon
Trooper Vanguard – H206 Renegade Blaster Pistol
Smuggler Gunslinger – Privateer’s Pistol (x2)
Smuggler Scoundrel
– Privateer’s Pistol

That oughta make them easier to find in the looooooong list – at least until the costs are fixed. I mean, they are going to fix that, right?

Huttball Disaster (SWTOR)

Just sent the following to customer service.

Ok huttball needs more of an explanation or tutorial or SOMETHING so that new players know how to find out what’s going on. Just had someone delete their character because I stated not to pass the ball to them. It took me several matches to figure out how to pass the ball, and even more matches to realize you can’t pass to someone in stealth, and I learn fast! I tried to help them and explain how to pass, but other people were trolling me in that match and before I could apologize properly they put me on ignore and then deleted their character.

This is not the experience someone should have in pvp. The other two maps are confusing but if you just go with the flow you can still contribute. That the huttball throw is a separate ability -and that it shows up under GENERAL skills- means that people can’t just mimic others and figure it out as they go along, without being a liability to their team.

Please add a small huttball tutorial trainer to the starting area prior to level 10 – perhaps level 9 and near the class trainers. This trainer can give the huttball ability, show them the range of the pass, and explain about stealth and hazards. That way even a raw noob can at least understand enough to help their team.

PVE vs PVP (Rift)

With the new free transfers Rift’s offering, I decided to transfer my less-played cleric off to another shard and start a new one to play with lowbie guildies.

Wow. What a difference.

To backtrack a little, this particular cleric is completely water-themed, she’s a Warden which is the water-based healing soul, and has blue hair. So after transferring her away I ended up playing her more because the current world event (Waves of Madness) is water-themed so I wanted event items for her.

So there I was, on a PVE-RP server instead of PVP-RP. There’s still no RP of course haha. I just started noticing that I was much, MUCH happier with that character all of a sudden. I would log off happy and content.

Going back to my mains, I’d be irritable and annoyed. Ganked just trying to get to a rift for the daily. Ganked by being camped after being ganked. Ganked while stealthed on my rogue just walking around because anyone higher level can STILL SEE YOU which is just ridiculous. Ganked in the middle of a group and nobody even stopped to help, over and over and over. Got to the point I’d get ganked and just log off upset, knowing that for at least half an hour to an hour I’d be unable to achieve any of my objectives, more if it was prime time. Wait in queue in Meridian for hours unable to quest until a group actually got together for a dungeon.

Talked with a friend and they said they loved being ganked. They love the adrenalin hit, and find it boring to just quest knowing they only have mobs to face, and it’s never going to be exciting. They look forward to hitting cap and ganking back.

Another friend said that the only way to handle being on a pvp shard is to have enough friends to protect you. Well… I have odd sleep habits. When it’s 4 hours before anyone I know is gonna log on, and I just want to close a couple of rifts for the daily, it’s really frustrating to lose 2 plat from ganking and be unable to even get to the rift.

Takes all kinds to make a world I guess… I’ll take questing in peace and only fighting players when I CHOOSE to over that. Sometimes I just want to log on and get things done and grow my character’s abilities. My opinion of people who gank, despite my friend, is that they are pathetic creatures who only go for the easy fights where there’s no challenge. Where’s the glory in easy kills? It’s just bullying, and bullies are losers by default or they wouldn’t have to bully to feel anything approaching self-esteem. So I don’t look forward to hitting 50 and ganking them back, because I think ganking is completely stupid in the first place. Give me a GOOD fight!

I’ll really miss a few great people from the PVP shard, but it’s totally worth it. I was beginning to hate logging on, and now I just feel happy and relaxed, eager to level my lowbies, eager to finish up story quests on my main. And I look forward to being able to afford the 125 plat for a level 50 mount instead of losing money every day and being more poor at 50 than I was at 35.

I’m an achievement junkie not an adrenalin junkie I guess… call me a carebear for it if you want. Sometimes you just have to know where you fit in the world. I’m a lover not a fighter, haha. 🙂

Rift PVP

They lied to me.

They said it was different at level 50. That with an even playing field, Defiants win against Guardians the majority of the time.

But it’s not.

I told them, hey, we’ve been losing solidly for 3 brackets. Game after game after game. Those are the ones that will be level 50 by the time I get there, I said. Not the kind of game where you can say “good game” after and mean it, but grueling, disheartening losses where you just get handed your ass in a meat grinder. Are they all premades or do Defiants just suck at warfronts?

I got yelled at on my rogue for sneaking around trying to cap flags in Codex. 4v1 and I didn’t step in and make it 4v2, which would have resulted in death for both of us, no. I stayed silent in the shadows and I waited. When the Guardians had gone I stole their flag. Unfortunately they sent 3 to retake it and my efforts were for nothing. At least I tried, I had no dps but I had tactics.

More than I can say for most Defiants.

Typical Codex: “Let’s all go get vault! Oooh, brilliant plan!”
Typical Black Garden: “I’ll just sit back here and heal the people who are fighting far far away from the flag held by our Guardian enemies, instead of pressing forward to heal the two people brave enough to try to take the carrier down and giving us a fighting chance.”
Or better yet, the best game Black Garden offers: “You pick up the fang. No you pick up the fang.”
Me, I’m a squishy clothwearing Mage with no shield, I go pick up the damn fang with no heals gain us 85 points by a miracle, go SQUISH, and then… nobody else picks it up. 500-91. Woot, what a WIN… for the other team.
Typical Whitefall Steppes: “Let’s defend our base.” *headdesk* Really? So they come in and smash our base apart, take off with the flag, and we don’t have their flag so they score? WTG.
Port Scion I have no idea what’s even going on. I wander around and get relics and sometimes kill npcs. It’s just one big confusing mess, but the Guardians always have top 13 of 15 dps and heals and always take the bridge and the church and win. So yeah. No idea. At least in Port Scion it looks like people are trying to win and not just handing victory over without a fight.

That’s PVP on Rift, Sunrest. Pugging, anyway. I’m just not good enough to be in a premade, or maybe mages don’t get into premades. Or maybe only pyro’s get into premades. My PVP existence is solely to give the opposing team more fun and favor.

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s part of the story. So many times I’ve been queued on my cleric for 20 minutes, and hear from friends they wish there was a cleric in their warfront… still spots… I get in at 5 seconds left on the clock, to a loss, after waiting almost the whole match. Then over and over, Guardians have top 9/10 dps and heals.

Warfronts are so much more fun when it’s a close fight and not a slaughterfest by either side. When you can say “Good game” after and MEAN it. When your enemy is honoured for being a worthy opponent, not hated for totally outclassing you by miles and nothing you can do but sit there because you can’t retreat and you can’t fight. Farming isn’t fun, but after a while you start being grateful for the rare easy farms, because you’ve been farmed SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. Kind of like I was never tempted to gank anyone until after I was killed 10x just trying to quest. I still haven’t ganked anyone though I did pick a fight with a lower level Guardian when she refused to stop attacking an npc my friend needed to talk to.

It’s very interesting psychologically. Defiants do nothing but troll each other then have difficulty working as a team. I wonder why?

When you ask for advice on Guardian side, do they give real advice instead of just telling you that you suck?

Does being told over and over that you’re Chosen By The Gods give you a psychological edge? Does it make a difference as Defiant knowing that you’re a reject for whatever reason, you didn’t make the cut in the GODS plan to save Telara. Does it matter that we know the Gods’ plan didn’t work out so well? Or is it an isidious thing, wrapping around us… why were we not Chosen, when we are strong and eager to help the world against the dragons?