Starter Tricks and Tips for DDO Free to Play (F2P)

A couple of my friends wanted to check out DDO so I figured I’d take my teensy amount of experience and at least help start them off on the right path to having fun in Stormreach all the way up to level cap and beyond.

First step? DO NOT USE THE DEFAULT PATHS at character creation! This is very important. Turbine’s default paths aren’t exactly the best builds ever. Always research the class you think you might like to play first. DDO is not pen and paper D&D and the rules of what stats and feats make for a viable character are a little different. It’s a very minmax environment after you hit cap, and becomes more and more frustrating starting at level 12 or so if you didn’t build well. I know this because my first characters sucked so please listen to me and save yourself that pain!

Warning, this is loooooooooooong!

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A Tale of Two Craftings

So you all know by now that I started playing Rift because I was upset with a few major things in my “main” game, DDO. Rift has now become my main game, despite more boring gameplay mechanics overall, because it simply does things BETTER. Customer service? Check. Intuitive UI? Check. The ability to change your build/role somewhat easily to suit your current party makeup? Check.

Crafting that makes SENSE? Big. Effin. Check.

Let me tell you about Rift’s crafting system first, so you can then understand just how big of a disappointment it was for me to try to craft in DDO – what used to be my favorite game.

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