Extra Heart Marathon Dec 8


$195 raised from 4 donors. This is an incredible response as I have only 351 twitter followers and news of the event was mostly spread through that.

Because we didn’t hit the minimum, I’m scared but trying to be positive. This is the internet. Nobody had to do anything at all, but you did! We should all be very proud.

There’s one more pledge of $20 been given since the event was over. Just 89 more pledges of that amount would hit the minimum of $2000 to do this!

I still hope that we can reach the $10,000 to start the charity outright, but that depends on you.

Tell your friends about this, give if you can. Leave comments to encourage me to keep going if this is something you find worthwhile. I really appreciate everything you’ve done and I know that together we can do this!

Beyond that I hope I’ve inspired you to think differently about the homeless and the poor, and maybe give of your time locally to help in whatever ways you can.

What is it:

Lei will be streaming on Twitch for 24h of gaming on Dec 8 to raise money to deal with a paperwork error that could lead to eviction.

Awesome Goal: $10,000 to deal with this and start a charity to help myself and others.
Medium Goal: $5000 to deal with this and personally be okay until I can reapply for subsidized living.
Minimum Goal: $2000 this month just to pay it off and borrow some time to deal. More about the situation in this post: Challenge Presented.

You can donate via paypal through Serpent Goddess Creative. I don’t know how to set up one of those cool meter things so I will keep this page updated by hand!

From paypal: “Note: This button is intended for fundraising. If you are not raising money for a cause, please choose another option. Nonprofits must verify their status to withdraw donations they receive. Users that are not verified nonprofits must demonstrate how their donations will be used, once they raise more than $10,000.”

If the full $10,000 or more is raised I will be starting a not-for-profit and at least half the money will go towards registration of that and gaining charitable status. However in Canada it takes time to gain charitable status and at this time I can’t offer tax stuff in thanks for your donations.

What will the not-for-profit be like? I have several ideas for now and will be posting for your input as Dec 8 approaches. Please help me get through this situation and use the power of gaming to help myself and others!

More info

  • What time will the event start on Dec 8?
    I’m often sick, so the start time will be announced on twitter and I’ll be playing for 24h after that.
  • Why does a simple paperwork error cost so much to fix?
    Because of government red tape making an impossible situation out of something simple.
  • What games will Lei be playing?
    Dungeons and Dragons Online for sure, possibly some TERA, Rift, or End of Nations.
  • Can I play a game with Lei during this event?
    Sure! Please contact me beforehand if you want to play DDO or TERA.
  • Why start a charity?
    I’ve met a lot of good people who deserve a better chance in life, and I believe if we can bring gamer power to help my situation, why not bring gamer power to help even more? Extra Life, Child’s Play, these all help sick kids, and that’s great. However I believe that gaming can be a positive force to repair lives for adults too. My life has been impacted positively by gaming, by allowing me to reach beyond these four walls and meet people all over the world who I never would have met if I didn’t play games.

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