Level 14 PvP Weapons (SWTOR)

EDIT AS OF GAME UPDATE 1.2: These now cost 900 warzone commendations each and are completely out of reach to any at-level player – to the point that I wonder why they’re still in the game. It’s better to grind out Dromund Kaas commendations and buy your moddable weapon from the vendor at the spaceport or on the fleet.

This has some decent stats for the level if you can’t afford a good cybertech or if, like me, you prefer to pvp up to Sprint then go get your ship. It costs 580 commendations for the level 14 weapon, which is a ridiculous price since it’s the same price for later weapons. Also ridiculous is that the classes which need to buy two of the same weapon don’t get a discount.

If you prefer to use your first orange moddable weapon you can rip out the mods from the pvp weapons and put it in yours. You can also equip your companion with these weapons, or at least the mods from them. Be sure to check what weapon your companion uses and what stats they need. Don’t be like me and hunt for a blaster pistol that has cunning on it on Empire side. Ooops.


Agent Operative – P-301 Assault Disruptor (Blaster Rifle)
Agent Sniper
– V-311 Rotary Sniper (Sniper Rifle)
Bounty Hunter Mercenary – Haywire Hunter’s Blaster (x2)
Bounty Hunter Powertech
– Haywire Hunter’s Blaster
Sith Assassin
– Dark Zealot’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber
Sith Sorceror – Prospective Sith’s Lightsaber
Sith Warrior – Blade Savant’s Lightsaber


Jedi Sage – Forceweaver’s Lightsaber
Jedi Shadow – Jedi Promulgator’s Lightstaff
Jedi Guardian – Saber Initiate’s Lightsaber
Jedi Sentinel
– Saber Initiate’s Lightsaber (x2)
Trooper Commando
– Turrethead Assault Cannon
Trooper Vanguard – H206 Renegade Blaster Pistol
Smuggler Gunslinger – Privateer’s Pistol (x2)
Smuggler Scoundrel
– Privateer’s Pistol

That oughta make them easier to find in the looooooong list – at least until the costs are fixed. I mean, they are going to fix that, right?