Eviction Meeting Result

As a result of the meeting which should never have happened, I have to pay the filing fee but the amount owed for the paperwork error of market rent was forgiven. The filing fee where I live is $170.

So the amount of donations would cover that, except that the government would take 50% immediately, and the housing would take 30% in extra rent next month, for having “income.”

Although there is a fund available for things like this, access to that fund was denied by my caseworker. Although I can appeal that decision, I still have to find a way to pay this fee first or I face eviction in March for nonpayment.

I’ll be canceling my internet for two months as of January in order to pay the fee. This means that unless I’m well enough to go out to a community centre or employment centre, I have no phone and no way to contact my caseworker, housing worker, or any way to have a doctor call me back.

Welfare is a human rights abuse. Arbitrarily you can be denied the basics of food, shelter, or medical care, on the whim of one person who answers only to the demand that they get people off welfare. It’s not about helping people, if it were, I would have gone to college and had a job, rather than being left to rot for over 10 years while I was only half as sick as I am now. I only just got a phone and was trying to save up money for transportation to get to a doctor’s appointment by eating less. I started fainting because of it and had to eat to live. So for three years already these people have denied me access to a doctor to find out what the problem even is that’s making me so exhausted all the time.

But without canceling the access to the outside world for at least two months, I don’t get to eat. My caseworker will again be able to simply forget I exist, because I won’t be able to call her or get there to bug her face-to-face.

The tragedy goes on. It’s called life.

I’m not the only person being starved, denied medical care, pressured into prostitution despite that I’m too sick to even clean my house, oh no. This is simply the way life works in Canada when you don’t have a family to care about you.

Still trying to raise $2000 to start the charity and be off assistance for one month to get it all going so these crooked people acting on behalf of our government can’t find a way to stop it. If you can help, please donate through paypal. If you can’t help, please pray for me and give a kind word to another soul this Christmas. Thank you.


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