Research for starting a not-for-profit charity #ExtraHeart

Great link about what’s needed legally in BC (somewhat applicable interprovincially)

Need to find out:

  1. How many board members are needed at a minimum?
  2. Do I have to incorporate the charity in order to apply for tax-exempt status?
  3. What will the exact registration costs be for every option? (Provincial non-incorporated, provincial Ontario incorporation, nationwide incorporation.)
  4. How exactly does non-incorporation work, since all the info on the structure of a charity assumes incorporation?

I’d prefer to incorporate nationwide and make the charity and status available for people to use in their local areas by merely writing to me and making records available. That way others don’t have to have the expense of registration and can just move on to helping people and accepting donations.

Already have:

  • The idea
  • An internet connection
  • A plan describing purpose, equipment, costs, and etc (my prior self-employment experience and education made that part of the plan easy)

Lots more research to come.

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