89 more pledges needed to hit the $2k min #ExtraHeart

The results of the Dec 8 gaming marathon are in: $195 raised from 4 donors. This is an incredible response as I have only 351 twitter followers and the event was mostly spread through that. This is the internet. Nobody had to do anything at all, but you did! We should all be very proud.

Unfortunately that hits about 10% of the minimum needed, which means I may need to give that money back due to government red tape.

There’s one more pledge of $20 been given since the event was over.

In the next few days I’ll be doing the best I can to negotiate with the THC to forgive the “debt” as it was caused by a paperwork error and I can prove that my income was the same throughout the entire time. There was no reason for my rent to have been raised to market rates for two months.

If they listen to reason, the whole of the donations can be used to make this charity happen. I hope they listen.

But again, an amount must be raised that will exceed the government red tape which restricts the income I’m even allowed to have. Without that minimum amount, the effect on my life will be worse as the government will take 50% of whatever is raised, or simply cut me off assistance, and then 30% will be taken by the social housing where I live, drastically reducing the amount that can be used towards the goal.

This is why it’s so important to hit that $2000 minimum, because only then is the maximum amount of money YOU gave going towards this effort. I still hope that we can reach the $10,000 to start the charity outright, but that depends on you.

Tell your friends about this, give if you can. Leave comments to encourage me to keep going if this is something you find worthwhile. I really appreciate everything you’ve done and I know that together we can do this!

We just need 89 more pledges of $20 each. Do you know someone who might be looking for an inspiring Christmas gift? Send them here!

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