Wrong Legacy Name but SWTOR CS Gets it Right

After transferring my characters to their new server, I chose a new Legacy name like everyone else. When I clicked ok, the confirmation box popped up. Everything looked the same as what I typed, so I clicked ok again.

My new Legacy name was set! …Except it wasn’t exactly what I’d typed.

Legacy names do NOT keep the same case as what you type, they are converted to being one word with only the first letter capitalized. For example, if you wanted MarioBrothers as your Legacy, it would end up as Mariobrothers. However, a bug in the confirmation box does not show this transformation! This was awful, as I’d chosen a new Legacy name which was the last name of a character I’d had for several years in another game and having it look wrong solely to an error that was not of my making was very disheartening. If the confirmation box had shown what the name would actually become I’d have chosen something else!

With much trepidation, I wrote in to CS asking for a change due to this bug.

I was very nervous waiting for the result of my ticket, as my previous request to change my character’s name based on it inadvertently being a celebrity’s name had been denied. It wasn’t a big enough celebrity I guess, despite that several people had asked if I’d named my character after the person.

After a few days I got the reply: they had reset my Legacy as a one-time exception due to the server transfers.

Thank you Bioware.

PS: I’ve put in a bug report about the confirmation box and hope to see it fixed soon. For something that will become permanent and is so extremely personal, for it to have no warning that it will be different than what you type in is inexcusable. They should really have a link to a FAQ on “How to choose your Legacy name” from the Legacy panel, which explains what format is allowed, in addition to the confirmation box being fixed to show the true result.


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