Feedback on 1.2 pvp sent to CS just now (SWTOR)

FEEDBACK: My guildie got me a time card because he didn’t want to play his healer alone without my tank. Again, please take another look at what made healing FUN in this game and balance it across all healing classes, in addition to making healing an equally viable way to advance your character as tanking or dps.

Sage/Sorc used to have a rhythm to the rotation that made it meditative and fun. The recent changes of 1.2 removed that rhythm. The changes to cast time made them less effective in pvp where a nerf to output would have made more sense.

Thank you for the hard work and effort you put into this game. Please remember that the points of difference from SWTOR to other games in pvp are:

1. Less bracketed PVP from 1-49 allowing more guild/friend togetherness
2. Longer time-to-kill
3. Healing was actually fun!

Would love to see the game go back to those principles.


In addition, of course the rewards from warzones being somewhat equal made it possible for the losing side to be capable of gearing up and taking on the winning side, without severe server imbalances in power. People simply have more fun when the fight is more equal – as that makes for a more engaging, skillful fight.


7 thoughts on “Feedback on 1.2 pvp sent to CS just now (SWTOR)

  1. A problem I had with healers pre 1.2 is that they seemed to be unkillable at times, as a DPS I would throw everything I had at them and they would just heal trhough it, no problem, and if they were guarded I didn’t even try.

    1.2 included a LOT of class balance, and with so many changes there is bound to be people that dont like the changes, Im not saying you are wrong, but stacking healers was turning into the default winning strategy pre 1.2, where people would just turtle their way to victory, and that needed to get looked at.

    • Yeah unfortunately now commando healers are simply a liability unless they already have War Hero gear. A team of nothing but dps will take down a team that has one or two healers.

      • Maybe healers were overnerfed, but they were kind of OP before, I hope Bioware keeps working on making things more balanced for everybody, since 1.2 hit the servers they have been extremely fast to address players concern on Warzone Rewards, the consumable prices were restared to 10 comms and and this is just a few days after the patch.

        They also improved the Legacy Rocket Boost, while not pvp related, it was something I was complaining a lot in the Forums

      • Sages are still slightly OP. I can’t talk for Scoundrels since mine isn’t 50 yet but it seems they’re still better off than Commandos due to the hots and escapes.

  2. Strange, I cant respond to your last reply, anyway, I didnt know CS was taking game feedback, I thought they were only supposed to help with game issues, like glitches and so on.

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