SWTOR Horrible Customer Service AGAIN

My enquiry as to when I’d receive the 30 days game time as my sub expires, well, tomorrow, and the email I received stated that I’d receive it sometime before the 25th, was simply closed without any response, not even a form letter. This is my response to that.

Ok seriously, I’m a founder, I’ve given a ton of suggestions, feedback, bug reports, I’ve encouraged people to buy the game. I’ve founded a guild and a fansite, and even though I’ve unsubbed I’ve continued to give valuable feedback and help others in the game and out.

Then you have the utter and complete GALL to simply close my enquiry without even any response as to when I will be receiving the 30 days game time?

Wow. I was planning on keeping an eye on the game’s patch notes and possibly returning but now? What complete draconian bullshit.

You need to learn how to treat customers like they’re valued. Badly.

I expect it to be closed without a response as well just to keep their reputation as the worst customer service of any game company.

This, on top of the gameplay mechanics changes they brought in for 1.2 completely undermines any confidence I had in the company.

Bye bye Bioware.

Updated: No reply as of next morning. At least not closed without even a form letter. Are they waiting until the sub expires before replying where I can’t see it? Is my sub up today or 30 days from tomorrow? I guess time will tell, because Bioware isn’t telling yet.

I know their CS must be swamped right now, but they changed the rules after I received the letter and I’m simply asking for clarification.

My guildies want me to continue. I would like to take a break for a week or two (after getting the rest of the containment social set tomorrow) and hope that there are fixes for the glaring issues of 1.2: Less TTK in warzones, healing being a less viable path to character advancement than anything else, threat problems in tanking on top of the problems tanks already had in actually rounding up mobs.

Patch notes today state that rewards for losing warzones have been adjusted and that people will receive rewards from at least one medal. This helps the situation. I’d like to reward fixes but some communication would go a long way to restoring my confidence.


Finally a reply. Yes my sub will start again on the 25th, and they apologized for the delay in response time.

Thank you.


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