Rakghoul Plague Event Guide (SWTOR)

Multiple systems have been infected, citizens are advised to quarantine themselves. Complete travel ban on going to Tattooine (which means, ALL PLAYER CHARACTERS GO TO TATTOOINE!) according to official news sources.

Breaking News! In addition to the daily quests there’s more! Check Dulfy’s guide for gaining the “Tracking the Origin” quest on Empire, Republic may have something similar although details are not yet confirmed. Republic version “Origins of the Outbreak” is here by @r2d2arm.

Best map for the quests above is by Exhaust Port. The reward is a Crimson Rakling.

The daily quests are [AREA] quests, so go to the following coordinates on Tattooine to pick them up. Vendor is north of the crash site up on the dune.

  1. [AREA] Wreck of the Stardream
  2. [AREA] Outbreak


Go northeast of Thorazon to get the dailies in area 1.
Vendor is at: -892, -1925
Area 2 is at Largona, with another daily.


Go north of Zaroshe to get the dailies in area 1.
Vendor is at:
Area 2 is at Ridge-something.

Dailies for Outfit

The quest chain that rewards the orange moddable Republic or Empire Containment Officer (Social I) outfit starts by picking up an item from the first [AREA] quest. Each new quest takes a day to open up for you, so if you haven’t done the prior day’s quest you’ll be unable to see or pick up the new one. April 19th is the last day to pick up Blood Sample and get the entire outfit by doing the next one each day!

  1. Blood Sample – 50 LS or DS points plus boots or 1 DNA – picked up from Area 1
  2. Passenger List – gloves – picked up from Area 1
  3. Hybrid Strain – legs – picked up from Area 2
  4. Pure Virus Sample – helm – picked up from Area 1
  5. Newly Infected – chest or belt (need to do it twice to get both) – picked up from Area 2

REWARDs from Vendor in Exchange for Rakghoul DNA

  • Black/Green colour crystals, for levels 31 and 50, various stat choices. 75 and 83 event currency respectively. Waiting confirmation if it’s a different green from the Razer exclusive, but probably.
  • Pale Rakling” – A mini Rakghoul pet. 60 event currency.
  • Infected Companion” box with a random companion customization. 20 event currency.


  • From @Asros:
    If you have the infection at the feverish stage, and you die, you will infect others and get 5 DNA samples!
  • From @SwtorSpy:
    Full list of codex entries for the event
  • From general chat:
    Once you pick up the “Origin” quest you no longer need the buff and don’t have to worry about running out of time to scan all the crashed ship bits.

Gonna prettify all this with pictures and maps later. For now, get grinding!

Updated guide with quest arc from Dulfy, new daily rewards, and corrected prices.


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