Leaving SWTOR due to class balance problems

Sent to customer support:

After playing a healing Commando at level 50 I now have real feedback on class balance.

The ammo problem makes it the weakest healer for PVE and causes real problems in PVP compared to the mirror class. The lack of HOTS, stuns, or absorbs makes it by far the weakest in PVP.

Other healing classes can stay up much longer while being focused, and having heavy armor does nothing when enemies do absurd amounts of damage that can kill anything at all in 3-4 hits even while you’re healing yourself.

In warzones, I spend the entire time stunned, dead, or out of ammo. In the gear I have now, when not focused I do about 249k in heals at max, but when attacked I can’t even get the 75k medal. Sages do 140k easily while being attacked, and Scoundrels have a lot of options for staying alive in bad situations. That’s a huge reduction in character advancement compared to other healing classes. You don’t get medals, you don’t contribute enough to get mvp votes and you’re just killed over and over without any chance to do anything about it.

My character spent her entire time leveling as the Hero of the Galaxy, taking down bosses, and now suddenly it’s obvious the class is just terrible and there’s nothing that I can do to make her viable.

Every Commando healer I know has respecced to DPS or is telling me to respec to DPS if I want to keep the character.

I feel like deleting my character, the one I’ve worked hardest on, because to respec to DPS would completely abandon not only the entire character concept but her role in the guild, and the guild concept.

Then on top of all that, I hear that our kolto bomb aoe heal is actually going to be nerfed in 1.2, not buffed with a heal over time added to it like the similar aoe heal for Sage/Sorc.

I can’t believe how horribly awful this tree is to play, and I wonder why you even bother to have a healing tree for Trooper if it’s just going to be this bad.

It’s for this reason I’ve decided to not renew my subscription, despite running a guild and a fansite for the game.

Prior to this I’d canceled the sub over the Empire favoritism in pvp, however that is slated to be fixed in 1.2. However if I don’t vote on this balance issue with my money and time, it’s just whining. I’d be happy to return if the issues are fixed.

Expected a company of Bioware’s calibre to do better.

I keep saying that.


3 thoughts on “Leaving SWTOR due to class balance problems

  1. From http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=373519

    [QUOTE=Kushtaka;3577875]To the OP:

    We have been asking for: an interrupt, a fix for Mortar Volley, a fix for Full Auto, some CC.

    What we got/are getting:

    -no interrupt

    -Mortar Volley animation fix but with reduced AoE radius (nice work Bioware)

    -reduced damage on GR

    -nerfed heals

    -reduced defenses in the way of nerfs to skills

    -Increased CoF proc…I’m sure that will be underwhelming, yay so much more dynamic instead of standing around hitting GR we stand around channeling FA…weak.

    -Increased Demo Round damage

    -No CC buffs

    So you see, the Commando was designed to be a ranged damage dealer that wears heavy armor and has less survivability than a cloth wearing Sage/Sorcerer. Reroll or cancel, for you have chosen…poorly..[/QUOTE]

  2. My post for this week’s community Q&A: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=3794597#post3794597

    1. When are server mergers/transfers going to be available and how will Legacy affect that? Would you consider making Legacy unlocks on an account-wide basis but the name must be gained on each server by at least one character?

    I know a lot of people who want to reroll to join us but who are stuck with 40+ Legacy on another server they can’t just give up. They shouldn’t have to give it up.

    2. Now that you’ve had a look at mirror class parity is there any consideration going to be given to healing class parity?

    As it stands, Trooper/BH healing is by far subpar to the other two healer types due to lack of hots, the ammo problem for Trooper specifically, and lack of survivability/utility in PVP compared to the other healer types. It’s slightly subpar in PVE due to the ammo problems, as well.

    3. What happened to dual spec?

    I need to be a healer for my guild in FP/Ops but as healing now stands need to be DPS to gain character advancement in pvp. 90% of my time is in pvp is solely making Sages and Scoundrels look even better through 5% kolto bomb boost and not getting votes or medals because Trooper healing is so easily shut down.

    4. Will we have Purple and Violet Twi’lek on unlocking Twi’lek race? 😉

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