Purple Jedi Code

Something I came across in my delving within dark places:

To the left, the dark side surges
with passion and with selfishness
To the right, the light beckons
with discipline and with arrogance

The Dark are locked in constant struggle
The Light can be healing or blinding
Neither way is whole
I know this now

In cruelty, may be tenderness
In tenderness, cruelty
I accept both and give both
Their due mercy

Thus I choose now to seize the center
with passion and with discipline
I am both servant and master
of all the Force gives me

I serve myself by mastering myself
but I am greater than this vessel
for the Force is a living thing
within and without me

I serve the Force because I AM the Force
The Force serves My Will because I AM the Force
Neither Light nor Dark can hold me
Because I AM the Force


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