SWTOR Guild Summit

Since I can’t get to Austin to be there, I didn’t apply. Taking some notes here for what I hope is addressed.


Player vs. Player Discussion

  1. Will there be any consideration given to removing expertise, tweaking boost, and allowing guildies of any level to group for pvp? That’s what attracted me to this game from the start, pvp TOGETHER from 10-50.

Legacy Presentation

  1. Will there be purple Twi’lek available in this system? Will I be able to make a purple or deep indigo blue Twi’lek Bounty Hunter?
  2. What are the relationship options in the Legacy Tree system?
  3. Will there be more character slots available for us to use these cool new things or do we have to kill our current characters in order to make slots available? Drooling over some of these options but I planned out 8 slots already!

Economy/Crew Skills Discussion

  • Looking to see if my suggestion of giving Armormech and Synthweaving more customizable pieces is taken.

Roleplayer’s Discussion

  • No questions yet.

Guild Features Discussion

  • Sure, guild bank is awesome but will we be able to send a whisper or a party invite to our guildies from the guild interface? I don’t care about extra goodies such as banks or guild ships, only the basic missing features.
  • That said, if there are guild ships, will we be able to do space missions with multiplayer of a group of guildies?

User Interface Presentation

  • Ok, looks like we can change placement and size with the options, but can we change the colours? A couple of visually impaired guildies here have a hell of a time reading pale blue on medium blue.

One thought on “SWTOR Guild Summit

  1. PVP Panel
    – Increasing gear tiers and level bracketing tiers rather than going with innovative bolster system. Sigh.

    – Still no purple Twi’lek. Boo.
    – Some amazingly cool new features for character creation, but no plans on more character slots to take advantage of them.
    – Really looking forward to ship upgrades from Legacy system.
    – No info on relationship options so far.

    – Yes! More orange gear, more endgame viability. Cool stuff inc.
    – Overall population imbalance not as bad as thought, some servers very imbalanced and hoping Legacy encouraging people to play other side will fix this a bit.

    – Suggestion of a squad system within guilds, or an allies system like a bigger guild interface containing everyone from within the allied guilds.
    – Suggestion on the floor to add relationships between player characters from different accounts in Legacy somehow. Or at least be able to say “these two are brothers” etc.

    Guild features
    – Cool stuffs inc.

    – The customizability looks GREAT and a big thank you to the guy who did crunch time for us to see it.
    – Colourblind mode is being worked on.
    – Skins a possibility in the far future, but not anywhere in the near future.
    – Mouseover healing is NOT considered a macro and is something they want to add
    – API and Macros not planned at this point.

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