Han shot first – Commentary on how SWTOR departs from Star Wars canon

Watched the original trilogy last night on DVD.

Han shot first.

So much more meaningful that way. He’s cornered, and it’s not a fair fight since Greedo already has a blaster at his head. Greedo talked instead of shooting. Han turned the tables – not the act of a cocky, confident man as so many have stated but simply desperate survival. A law beyond all other laws. Tipping the bartender for having to clean up the mess – THAT was cocky and confident. Shooting first was merely desperate and human.

Later we see Han not wanting to sneak around, preferring a clean fight when he has the choice. Yet the Smuggler has stealth in SWTOR and does sneak around quite a bit. Han is more of a Bounty Hunter personality archetype even though his job description is smuggling goods. he’s cocky, showy, gets the job done, and is not very diplomatic. Leia is more the Smuggler than he is, a smooth liar under pressure to save the rebels, sneaky, resourceful. She smuggles the data the rebellion needs out from under the noses of the Empire.

It would have been so much cooler to be able to make neutral classes be of any faction: smuggler, trooper, bounty hunter, agent. I’d rather play a redeemed Sith Inquisitor who uses lightning but works for the Republic than be locked to one side.

But now, the most important scene in the entire movie series, and how it relates to SWTOR and life itself.

Luke: “Is the dark side stronger?”

Yoda: “No. Easier, more seductive, quicker.”

Ah but that calm at the center of the storm, where every action taken feels slower, there, is when your actions are fast.

What Yoda was talking about wasn’t the speed of actions taken, but the path to get results in the outer world. Doing the right thing is often much harder than doing the wrong thing. I hear it’s way easier to lose weight by taking meth than by adjusting your diet and exercise habits but meth takes a pretty big toll on the body! It’s easier to steal an idea from someone else than to come up with something original. Easier still to simply use it for job recognition and material gain rather than offering attribution and compensation to the originator. Where would the world of gaming be at if the creepy peeping tom had collaborated with me as I offered at first, instead of stolen my ideas and given them to his friends? We’ll never know. But we know he took the easy route, not the powerful one.

Will my long road ever pay off, or will I die poor because the people around me took the easy road and left me for dead? Still some time left to do what I came for, I hope.

But, that brings me to the abilities of mirror classes in SWTOR. Right now as it stands, all Empire classes have speed or utility bonuses over all mirrored Republic classes. All.

Let that sink in for a moment.

BioWare has deliberately designed the Empire classes to not only be faster, but to actually be more powerful than their Republic counterparts, going against canon. In a pvp game, speed IS power, unless the slower abilities are given more power to balance against the greater output capable with speed. Rapier vs Axe – a thousand cuts vs a crushed head.

If the dark side is faster, but not more powerful, then the light side’s abilities need to be made stronger to truly mirror the classes across the divide. But, they’re not.

It’s easier to shoot lightning at someone than to pick up a thousand tiny little rocks from the substance of the Universe itself and throw them in a stream. It’s easier to threaten to kill someone if they don’t love you, than to earn that love and trust by quality of character. It’s far, far easier to steal and destroy, than to build and create.

But we have Yoda’s assurance that it’s not more powerful. Maybe listening to a teacher who’s over 900 years old might possibly be a good idea? I think he’s seen a few things in his time.


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