Unprofessional Faction Imbalance (SWTOR)

Since the patch that “rebalanced” surge I’m noticing the Empire does 1.5-2x as much damage as the Republic and have lost 99% of the games where before it was balanced and fun gameplay without knowing that one side would win and one side would simply lose over and over. I’m wondering if it’s yet another design factor that simply hands victory over to the more populated side – the side that your employees wanted to play. Considering the entire list of “design features” that favor the Empire over the Republic it looks like sabotage by sociopaths on your team who desired faceroll mechanics in order to boost their ego instead of fun and engaging gameplay. This is completely unprofessional behaviour and I hope the people responsible are fired. I loved this game but will be cancelling my sub (that I signed up for 3 whole months on that are now useless) because unbalanced pvp is simply unprofessional and not fun.

My Empire characters are more fun to play but I wanted to be a Jedi since I was 5 years old and the first movie came out. You’ve broken my heart with this unprofessional bullshit.

I would like a refund for the remaining game time on my account.


One thought on “Unprofessional Faction Imbalance (SWTOR)

  1. “The bugs in animation and warzone design that all solely favor Empire make pvp not fun. I can’t enjoy my Empire characters knowing that we win due to design not skill, and that the design is that way because your employees play Empire side! It’s completely unprofessional.

    I can’t enjoy my Republic characters when despite the best efforts of everyone on the team we simply can’t win or even do as much damage as the other side. The problem is greater since the surge “rebalance” that seems to have handed 1.5-2x damage to Empire side. Match after match I see good players simply doing less. I play both sides and know the damage I do is greater on Empire with less effort. However I wanted to be a Jedi since I was 5 years old and this is heartbreaking.

    One of these days I hope game designers will understand that faceroll isn’t a fun mechanic. When the losers have no chance it’s boring to win! I signed up for this game because of engaging pvp where the outcome of the match wasn’t predetermined. That’s gone, so am I.”

    58 days of playtime remaining.

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