Sexism in SWTOR Clothing Choices

Sent in to the customer service Protocol Droids:

Among all the powerful Sith Lords and Independent Noblewomen, surely there are some who appreciate the male form as much as your designers appreciate the female form. My Sith Lord for one definitely appreciates the male form! From the reaction in general chat, she’s not the only one.

Please, implement beautiful male versions of all the female-only social armor, particularly the slave outfit. I would expect a richly detailed slave harness instead of a bra, the rest can probably stay the same design. Elegant Dress doesn’t have to be just a female dress, it could be a lovely white-and-gold coattail jacket chestpiece and there’s no need for the skirt to be female only as all Consulars and Inquisitors wear skirts.

Not only would that make the game world more diverse but it’s a bit offensive to only objectify the female form in this way, as if only women are allowed to be objects of desire. It’s merely perpetuating outdated societal norms from our own society here in North America, despite other indications in game that there is some equality in power. That breaks immersion pretty badly. Um, pun wasn’t intended. >.>

Just more “male gaze” which denies both the validity of “female gaze” and the validity of men as sexual beings. I expected better from Bioware. …I’m saying that a lot lately.



3 thoughts on “Sexism in SWTOR Clothing Choices

  1. I made a blog earlier about how we need more female leads in action games. What you say is true, they need to equal out stuff like this, they should have male equal gear. People seem to think male gamers arent ready for stuff like this, but i think as a whole that we are. Its really on the developers to just do it. Games need more equality across the board going both ways.

    • Exactly. I think many men might actually like it if given the chance, they’re often the ones who think that sexual objectification is a positive, flattering thing in the first place. Maybe if they were objectified in the way women are in games (not just talking about muscle-bound perfect bodies but with clothing and armor supporting a sexual view of those bodies) they would come to understand the mixed feelings many women have of body and sexuality.

      We need more diversity, period. Earth is a pretty diverse world and anything less breaks immersion now that we are capable of making story universes with this much richness. It seems arbitrary to sexualize one and not the other.

  2. A bit late in joining, but I didn’t find this until now. I agree completely, and I am also somewhat upset that I can not get the (male only) Imperial uniform from the social vendor on Dromund Kaas. Limiting outfits based on character gender feels like a bad idea in general, might have been a time limit thing though.

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