Huttball Disaster (SWTOR)

Just sent the following to customer service.

Ok huttball needs more of an explanation or tutorial or SOMETHING so that new players know how to find out what’s going on. Just had someone delete their character because I stated not to pass the ball to them. It took me several matches to figure out how to pass the ball, and even more matches to realize you can’t pass to someone in stealth, and I learn fast! I tried to help them and explain how to pass, but other people were trolling me in that match and before I could apologize properly they put me on ignore and then deleted their character.

This is not the experience someone should have in pvp. The other two maps are confusing but if you just go with the flow you can still contribute. That the huttball throw is a separate ability -and that it shows up under GENERAL skills- means that people can’t just mimic others and figure it out as they go along, without being a liability to their team.

Please add a small huttball tutorial trainer to the starting area prior to level 10 – perhaps level 9 and near the class trainers. This trainer can give the huttball ability, show them the range of the pass, and explain about stealth and hazards. That way even a raw noob can at least understand enough to help their team.


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