40 Day Media Fast

Starting November 1 I’m taking 40 days of media fast and meditation, at home in my own apartment. Nothing exotic or special like a cool trip somewhere beautiful, I wish. But I was beginning to feel that gaming especially was taking up too much of my life while not really being satisfying.

So, taking short breaks twice a week to stay in touch with people – because that’s the important thing. The rest of the time? Bored out of my skull and forcing myself to think a lot about what gaming means to me, how I can improve my life, how I can really help others. At least that part’s cool right?

I’ll be on Rift briefly every Saturday, and on twitter 2-3 times a week for short times only. Trying to avoid news, lolcats, amusing videos, and keep any internet use to practical things during this time.

Meditation once a day. Lots of stretching. Cooking real food and paying attention instead of just scarfing down whatever in front of the computer.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “40 Day Media Fast

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