Cleric Gearing 1.4 (Rift)

As my cleric approaches 50 I’ve been researching the gear needed for T1, T2 and raiding beyond. With 1.4 all the BiS lists are out of date, and with the multirole gear dependency clerics have I’m going to have to make some big choices.

I’ll be editing this post frequently as I figure out what to get crafted/what T1 drops I aim for, etc.

In the last few levels I’ve found I really enjoy tanking MUCH more than I thought I would. Guess it’s a natural progression from healing the tank to learning to tank yourself – you have to be as aware of aggro management and boss mechanics as the tank is in order to heal most effectively.

BUT, and a big one, tank gear is a little more complicated to get than healer gear for a cleric. There’s nothing worse to heal than an undergeared tank. Also I really don’t want to start out doing T2s as the tank. I’ve only done them on my Mage as DPS. So I’ll need to gear as a healer/DPS first then build up tank gear. Bonus, healers don’t really need focus so I can probably jump straight to T2 if I have the stats and HPS for it.

Role 1: 33 Sent/28 Warden/5 Puri
I was experimenting with 34 Warden but I miss the crits so going back to my favorite healing build.

Role 2: Duracell
Love this for the AOE grinding.

Role 3: Probably a pvp healing role, with points unspent so I can put them in Templar as fast as I gain Prestige Ranks.

(Yeah I can’t afford 5 roles yet, not now the Mossy Tartagon is only “fast as fastest” instead of 110%. Sadface.)

Gearsets Needed:

Crit Set
PVP Set (I’ll get P2 fairly quickly so not too concerned about valor gear)

Sentinel and Warden healing are more dependent on crit than Puri, it’s recommended to go for balanced gear but crit is good after softcaps. Duracell is firmly into crit gear. So I can aim for T2 gear from the high crit list for the most part and still be effective as a healer. 2 or 3 pieces of the Broken Oath set will be wonderful, and the Broken Oath chest looks like it’s better than a lot of T1/T2 drops. Not sure I can afford the mats though.

Currently I have Blood Grove Staff with 50 focus, so just need good stat gear to heal T1, and once I pick up enough focus from T1 drops will be easily able to go straight to T2 and queue as heals/dps/support.

The only T2 plaque gear with focus on it is gloves?? Well hey at least I don’t need many plaques!

Fresh 50 PVE Set

Head: Devious Hood of the Flowing Dark – 17 focus
Shoulders: P2 Chain
Chest: Cunning Dark Iron Hauberk – Crafted
Belt: P1 Chain
Gloves: P1 Chain
Leggings: P2 Chain
Boots: P1 Chain

Neck: P2 or RRift Fire or Death
Trinket: ??
Ring1: P1 ring
Ring2: Exalted Soul-Iron Signet

Weapon1: 2H Blood Grove Staff – 50 focus
Ranged: Run CC a few times, if nothing drops use Endless Blaster for plain stats.

Once I have a few drops or can afford Broken Oath pieces, will post the T2 set I’m aiming for.


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