Rift Unplayable since 1.3

Update to the problem: It was the combatlog. I figured it out myself without any help from illiterate Trion support staff. I’m still getting as low as 5fps and the ticket was closed without offering any further suggestions even though I had asked for more ideas on what to try to fix this. So much for customer support.

The problem only started in 1.3 when several people started complaining of sudden random crashes. My fps during invasions went from 4fps (still able to heal people but obviously slow) to 1fps (which I think is a euphemism for 0fps and total client freezing) and unplayable.

Here are the steps I have taken to try to get Rift working on my computer since 1.3:

  1. Disable Aero and Desktop Composition
  2. Low quality renderer
  3. Lowest settings available after that
  4. CFG file tweaks to improve performance as stated on several fansites
  5. Set Rift to use multiple cores and set process to high using Prio
  6. Updated cpu and graphics drivers to the latest available for my system after scouring forums for hours
  7. Attempted to install and play Rift on my 5-year-old desktop which is also slightly above min specs (just not by as much) but it wouldn’t even render WALLS.

I can say I’ve tried everything.

The result? Still unplayable at 1fps, unresponsive to commands, during any invasion or intense battle. It stopped crashing, and I did get my planarite reward from the invasion, although at 1fps my contribution wasn’t, well, contributing and I would therefore have zero chance for any cool drops since that’s based on contribution.

Trion support, despite how friendly it is, gave me the link to download a graphics driver that wouldn’t install due to incompatible hardware. (Never buy a Sony laptop. Ever!) Can’t really blame them, the infuriating madness that is Sony is something that a busy tech might overlook when they’re taught to just look at the graphics driver version.

Haven’t had a reply yet after stating that the link was not the correct driver for my system and the manufacturer hasn’t updated graphics drivers for my laptop since 2009. Yes you heard me, go Sony!

About to update them that I have found the correct drivers but am still experiencing freezing and stuttering, and that it’s still unplayable. Updated drivers seem to have eliminated the chain of constant crashes during invasions, but that’s small comfort when you press a button to cast a spell and nothing happens.

If this can’t be resolved I won’t be playing Rift. My laptop is only 2 years old and getting a new computer is out of the question for at least another year.

Moral: Never buy Sony. Ever! 😦

Specs: Sony Vaio NW-130
Intel Core2Duo @ 2.1 gHz
4gb RAM
ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4570
Win7 64bit Home Premium


One thought on “Rift Unplayable since 1.3

  1. Updated now getting 8-11 fps. Still 10 less in Meridian than I was getting before 1.3

    Trion rep: Here try updating drivers *linky*
    Drivers: *flip out and refuse to install on a Vaio*
    Me: …
    Me: *Scour teh internets for HOURS, find drivers that install*
    Me: Hey Trion rep, it’s still not working right is this the correct driver version?
    Trion rep: *does not read* here try updating drivers *slightly better linky*
    Me: Ok, that didn’t fix the problem…
    Me: *Scour forums for HOURS*
    Me: Turn off /combatlog. Hey Trion rep, solved half the problem, not freezing anymore but still abysmally low fps, any further ideas on improving the low performance?
    Trion rep: Glad that solved it! Have a nice day! *case closed*
    Me: …

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