Rift PVP

They lied to me.

They said it was different at level 50. That with an even playing field, Defiants win against Guardians the majority of the time.

But it’s not.

I told them, hey, we’ve been losing solidly for 3 brackets. Game after game after game. Those are the ones that will be level 50 by the time I get there, I said. Not the kind of game where you can say “good game” after and mean it, but grueling, disheartening losses where you just get handed your ass in a meat grinder. Are they all premades or do Defiants just suck at warfronts?

I got yelled at on my rogue for sneaking around trying to cap flags in Codex. 4v1 and I didn’t step in and make it 4v2, which would have resulted in death for both of us, no. I stayed silent in the shadows and I waited. When the Guardians had gone I stole their flag. Unfortunately they sent 3 to retake it and my efforts were for nothing. At least I tried, I had no dps but I had tactics.

More than I can say for most Defiants.

Typical Codex: “Let’s all go get vault! Oooh, brilliant plan!”
Typical Black Garden: “I’ll just sit back here and heal the people who are fighting far far away from the flag held by our Guardian enemies, instead of pressing forward to heal the two people brave enough to try to take the carrier down and giving us a fighting chance.”
Or better yet, the best game Black Garden offers: “You pick up the fang. No you pick up the fang.”
Me, I’m a squishy clothwearing Mage with no shield, I go pick up the damn fang with no heals gain us 85 points by a miracle, go SQUISH, and then… nobody else picks it up. 500-91. Woot, what a WIN… for the other team.
Typical Whitefall Steppes: “Let’s defend our base.” *headdesk* Really? So they come in and smash our base apart, take off with the flag, and we don’t have their flag so they score? WTG.
Port Scion I have no idea what’s even going on. I wander around and get relics and sometimes kill npcs. It’s just one big confusing mess, but the Guardians always have top 13 of 15 dps and heals and always take the bridge and the church and win. So yeah. No idea. At least in Port Scion it looks like people are trying to win and not just handing victory over without a fight.

That’s PVP on Rift, Sunrest. Pugging, anyway. I’m just not good enough to be in a premade, or maybe mages don’t get into premades. Or maybe only pyro’s get into premades. My PVP existence is solely to give the opposing team more fun and favor.

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s part of the story. So many times I’ve been queued on my cleric for 20 minutes, and hear from friends they wish there was a cleric in their warfront… still spots… I get in at 5 seconds left on the clock, to a loss, after waiting almost the whole match. Then over and over, Guardians have top 9/10 dps and heals.

Warfronts are so much more fun when it’s a close fight and not a slaughterfest by either side. When you can say “Good game” after and MEAN it. When your enemy is honoured for being a worthy opponent, not hated for totally outclassing you by miles and nothing you can do but sit there because you can’t retreat and you can’t fight. Farming isn’t fun, but after a while you start being grateful for the rare easy farms, because you’ve been farmed SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. Kind of like I was never tempted to gank anyone until after I was killed 10x just trying to quest. I still haven’t ganked anyone though I did pick a fight with a lower level Guardian when she refused to stop attacking an npc my friend needed to talk to.

It’s very interesting psychologically. Defiants do nothing but troll each other then have difficulty working as a team. I wonder why?

When you ask for advice on Guardian side, do they give real advice instead of just telling you that you suck?

Does being told over and over that you’re Chosen By The Gods give you a psychological edge? Does it make a difference as Defiant knowing that you’re a reject for whatever reason, you didn’t make the cut in the GODS plan to save Telara. Does it matter that we know the Gods’ plan didn’t work out so well? Or is it an isidious thing, wrapping around us… why were we not Chosen, when we are strong and eager to help the world against the dragons?


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