River of Souls (Rift)

(First published Tuesday, April 5, 2011)

Wow a world event just one month after launch? This may pull me away from playing DDO for a while. Really enjoying Rift so far.

It’s a lot like wow (which I hated), and the gameplay is much more boring than DDO, but at the same time there are a ton of little details they got so right I just want to keep playing and exploring. The story is also a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. I mean, time travel, really? But it’s not so bad. Also most of the “kill x to get y” quests are ON THE WAY to the “rescue this npc or fight this boss” quests so you don’t feel so much like you are JUST doing “kill x to get y to level up” like in wow.

I swear the game is giving me ADD tho, I’m trying to do a quest then see a shiny and have to stop for the shiny, then there’s a crafting node, then another, then a rift opens up and oooh have to do the rift… oops yeah I’m supposed to be questing. Ok let’s quest. Ooohshiny! Wait I gotta get this shiny! Oh, another rift opened up, omg an invasion force?

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Lei ❤


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